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Business Model

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MTI in a nut shell

Over the last 50 years MTI has established its reputation as a global provider of comprehensive radio frequency communication solutions across multiple sectors through three core divisions:

  • Antennas: A one stop shop for the sale of ‘off the shelf’ flat and parabolic antennas, combined with the provision of custom-developed antenna solutions to a range of commercial and military customers, with a growing focus on providing 5G backhaul antenna solutions to support mobile phone operators as they roll-out their 5G networks.
  • Water Control & Management: Providing wireless control systems to manage agricultural irrigation and water distribution for municipal authorities and commercial entities. Operating under the Mottech brand and utilizing hardware technology from Motorola, integrated with the Company's own proprietary management software, Mottech’s solutions reduce water and power usage whilst providing higher revenue from accurate irrigation, leading to more and better quality crops and plants being grown.
  • Distribution & Professional Consulting Services: Operating under the MTI Summit Electronics brand, this division exclusively represents 40 international suppliers of radio frequency/microwave components and sells these products to Israeli customers. Expert knowledge of both the international suppliers and customers further enables MTI to act as a consultant to all parties and assist with devising complete radio frequency/microwave solutions.

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Latest News

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  • 1/03/2021

    Investor Meet Company

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  • 2/11/2021

    MTI is pleased to announce that its antenna division has received blanket orders for 5G backhaul antenna from two key customers. The combined orders are worth approximately USD $0.85 million and are to be supplied in 2022

  • 12/07/2021

    MTI’s Antenna Division has been selected to partner with US engineering and technology firm, Craig Technologies and its subsidiary Sidus Space, to develop a new range of space antenna as part of a funded project.

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  • 7/06/2021

    For the first time in irrigation control software 2FA standard for safe connection. New Mottech ICC PRO5.5 version.

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  • 19/05/2021

    RNS news 20201

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  • 20/04/2021

    Mottech Decoder System (MDS)

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  • 1/02/2021

    Enter the 5G era with MTI’s patented Multi Band Antennas, providing high bandwidth stable affordable connections

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