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Strong financial base

Financial highlights

  • The Group recorded revenue growth of 6% to US$43.2m (2020: US$40.9m)
  • A 9% increase in profit from operations to US$4.43m (2020: US$4.08m), helped by the increasing scale of the Group
  • Net profit growth was limited to a 6% increase to US$3.7m (2020: US$3.5m) due to the strength of the Israeli Shekel versus the US Dollar in 2021
  • Earnings per share increased by 6% to 4.07 US cents (2020: 3.83 US cents)
  • Cash flow from operations increased 65% to US$6.6m (2020: US$4.0m) leading to a net cash increase of 33% to US$12.5m at 31 December 2021 (31 December 2020: US$9.4m)
  • Increased final dividend by 12% to 2.8 US cents per share (2020: 2.5 US cents per share)

Positive market trends across all three division

  • Our proven backhaul solution to support the rollout of 5G, which could be further enhanced by recent technical developments to counter small mast movements due to varying climate conditions, has a growing order book from existing customers as well as an initial order from a new tier one customer. This, together with good progress in military antennas, has increased the prospects for the antenna division overall.
  • With water scarcity continuing to be a critical, global issue, demand for our water management solutions under the Mottech brand was strong, both from new markets and in response to the launch of new water saving and cost-efficient products. 
  • Similarly, increased global defence spending underpinned another good year for MTI Summit, which also benefits from Israel being a central hub for the development of new global defence and wireless technologies. In addition, the acquisition of 51% of P.S.K. WIND TECHNOLOGIES LTD in January 2022, is expected to further accelerate this division’s growth in the defence sector.

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Latest News

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  • 2/11/2021

    MTI is pleased to announce that its antenna division has received blanket orders for 5G backhaul antenna from two key customers. The combined orders are worth approximately USD $0.85 million and are to be supplied in 2022

  • 12/07/2021

    MTI’s Antenna Division has been selected to partner with US engineering and technology firm, Craig Technologies and its subsidiary Sidus Space, to develop a new range of space antenna as part of a funded project.

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  • 7/06/2021

    For the first time in irrigation control software 2FA standard for safe connection. New Mottech ICC PRO5.5 version.

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    RNS news 20201

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    Mottech Decoder System (MDS)

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  • 1/02/2021

    Enter the 5G era with MTI’s patented Multi Band Antennas, providing high bandwidth stable affordable connections

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