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MTI Wireless Edge is proud to present the leading WiFi Access antenna available.

Our MT-952042/CD antenna provides the ultimate solution for WiFi access radios and networks providing excellent coverage for malls, stadiums and other closed and open locations in which WiFi services are provided.

The MT-952042/CD is a 4X4 dual band sector antenna operating in 2.4 and 5 GHz ranges simultaneously. Providing wide area coverage of between 50 – 70 degrees the antenna has 4 cables with either N Type or SMA connectors allowing connecting to any standard radio available in the market.

Each antenna port operates in both frequencies simultaneously. Each port is either +45 or -45 polarized.

The antenna is very small and lightweight, enclosed in an IP67 plastic housing, and can be installed either on poles or as a wall mounted antenna.

The antenna has passed rigid environmental tests including temperature, vibration, mechanical shock, solar radiation flammability, salt spray and water tightness and is operational in severe conditions.



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