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E Band 38 dBi Flat Antenna

MTI  announce the first and only commercially available ETSI Class 3 and FCC Flat E Band 38 dBi Antenna. This patented antenna was developed in cooperation with our customers to provide a small form factor solution for 5G fronthaul, which complies with the international standards.

The antenna is part of MTI’s unique and patented Flat E Band antenna family, supplementing the existing Flat 43 dBi ETSI Class 3 and FCC compliant antenna.

Specifically following the FCC proposal to lower the minimum antenna gain in E-band from 43 dBi to 38 dBi, the embedded antenna offers an ideal solution for urban 5G fronthaul providing the smallest possible footprint. . This solution will reduce costs, facilitate network densification, and help support the provision of backhaul for emerging 5G services.

In a very short time hundreds of this innovative antenna have been integrated and deployed in new customer installations.

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