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New TVWS Antenna Family for MTI


As an innovative market leader for over 40 years, with a substantial installed base, delivering more than 300K antennas annually and selected by most leading radio vendors to be their antenna provider, MTI recently introduced a family of TVWS Flat Panel Dual Polarized Base Station Antennas between 11 – 13 dBi and CPE antennas between 7.5 – 11 dBi.

Utilizing the relatively low frequencies of TVWS allows to expand coverage to remote areas, thus making broadband more affordable and accessible for underserved and unserved customers in rural areas.

Being the first to market with these antennas, MTI secured a significant order from one of the largest fixed wireless broadband service providers in the USA, positioning itself as the market leader in the TVWS arena.

MTI is committed to enhancing this product family with additional antenna models. We have invested significantly into R&D to provide ideal solutions for the challenges presented by the low frequency propagation of TVWS. Developing high gain antennas providing extended coverage, while maintaining important features such as Front to Back Ratio, Port to Port Isolation, XPD and consistent performance of both Vertical and Horizontal ports allows service providers to offer optimal coverage and capacity and minimize interference.

MTI TVWS Base Station Antenna Portfolio

Based on multiple customer requirements and specifications, MTI Base Stations have several unique attributes:

  • 90⁰ azimuth coverage – provides enhanced coverage area while maintaining the same gain as narrower azimuth antennas.
  • Same and consistent performance per antenna port in terms of gain, azimuth, and elevation coverage – enables service providers to perform efficient and accurate network planning and provide consistent coverage.
  • High-end and enhanced Base Station portfolio – allows service providers to choose between 11.5 dBi and 13 dBi Base Stations according to their coverage requirements.
  • Up to 10⁰ tilt option in Base Station installation allows flexible coverage suited for each specific scenario.

MTI TVWS CPE Antenna Portfolio

MTI delivers a comprehensive CPE portfolio providing multiple options for different scenarios:

  • 7.5 dBi stand-alone CPE with a small 320X320 mm form factor
  • 11 dBi stand-alone CPE offering high gain in a 600X600 mm form factor.
  • 7.5 dBi embedded CPE allowing the antenna to be installed inside the CPE radio enclosure for minimal installation effort
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